What is Aromatherapy?

It is the use of therapeutic oils extracted from natural plant matter such as herbs, flowers, leaves, fruit peels, resins, trees etc. 


The oils are extracted from the plant matter usually via steam distillation creating the essential oil as we know it. 


Your aromatherapist will choose the essential oils with you based on your needs, they will blend them with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and apply them to the skin via a body massage.


Aromatherapy appears to date back as far as the evolution of humans, though the term Aromatherapy is fairly new.



Essential Oils and Their Application 

Essential oils enter the body in several different ways, here at Aurello you will receive your essentials oils through the following:


Skin Absorption


When the essential oils are applied to your skin they are absorbed into your circulatory system and travel through your bloodstream to the areas they are most needed or can do the most good.


An example would be Peppermint Oil, this oil is very good for digestive issues so it would travel to your digestive system and get to work resolving problems in that area. It is also good for colds, flus and fevers so it will travel to your immune system and get to work giving it a boost.




When you are having your massage you will be also be inhaling the essential oils, this is another way to gain benefit from them. 


The Oils travel from the olfactory nerves (Smelling nerves) directly to your brain and especially impact the emotional centre of the brain. They then get to work helping you psychologically and emotionally.


An example would be Chamomile Oil, this oil is very good at soothing anxiety, depression, grief and insomnia so it would travel to your brain and get to work resolving these sorts of problems in that area.


Blending with carrier oils


Carrier oils are a base or plain oil usually vegetable or nut that are used to dilute essential oils for massage. 

Carrier oils are full of vitamins and minerals and have their own individual benefits for the skin. 


Your carrier oil will be chosen specifically for you based on your skin type, concerns and needs.

The Benefits/The Bodily Systems 
Essential Oils Target

There are hundreds if not thousands of different combinations of benefits essential oils can have on the body and it would be impossible to explain them all here.


It will be easier to explain the three main ways Essential oils can help you and which systems they can target, plus some examples of the conditions they may help.


Essential oils effect you in the following ways:


Pharmacologically- The chemical changes which takes place when the oil enters the body and reacts with the hormones and enzymes.


Physiologically- The way the oil affects individual organs or the body systems. 


Psychologically- The emotional reaction that takes place when the oil is inhaled.






Body Systems/Organs they interact with:


Digestive System - Example: Some can help with IBS, Constipation, Nausea, indigestion.


Immune System - Example: Some can help with recurrent illnesses 


Circulatory System - Example: Some can help to improve circulation and high or low blood pressure.


Urinary System- Example: Some can help with UTIs


Reproductive System -Example: Some are good conception oils, can help with menstrual cramps, Irregular menstruation.  


The Skin - Example: Some are good for acne, cuts, bruises and fungal infections.


The Brain - Example: Some can reduce mental fatigue, anxiety and depression.


Respiratory System - Example: Some can help with Coughs, Asthma, Hayfever.


Nervous System - Example: Some can help with headaches, tension and vertigo.


Skeletal System, Muscles & Joints - Example: Some can help Aches, Pains, Arthritis, Sports injuries. 






The Treatments

There are two types of Aromatherapy treatments offered here at Aurello: 


Full Body Massage 

A 70 minute body massage including the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Legs, Feet, Arms, Hands, Head and Face. 

You can also add on stomach at no extra cost. 



Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A 50 minute massage including the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arm, Head and Face.


If there are any parts of the body you do not wish to be included thats absolutely fine you can ask for them to be left out.


Your Appointment 

Your first appointment will include an in depth consultation so that your medical history, lifestyle, skin type, aches and pains and needs can be understood.


The oils that will benefit you the most will then be chosen and blended.


There is an allowance of 15 minutes within your appointment for your consultation. 


The full body massage itself will then last for 70 minutes.


The Back, Neck and Shoulder massage itself will then last for 50 minutes.


For hygiene reasons you must wear socks to and from your appointment.


Bring a small empty container to your appointment and if there are any oils left from your treatment you can take them home with you for free!

After Care

Your Aromatherapist will give you after care advice after every treatment, it will always include:


1. Drinking more water - this helps flush toxins through the body 

2. Try to take life a bit easier for the next 24 hours, be kind to yourself. 


Aromatherapy Massage After Care: 

  • Leave the oil on your body for as long as you can/ for 8 hours this is to give the oils enough time to penetrate the skin and for your body to soak up all the benefits and nutrients.
  • Do not sunbathe or use sun beds for the next 24 hours  a lot of the essential oils are phototoxic which means they make you very sensitive to UV and can accelerate burning 
  • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine for 24 hours these are toxins so consuming them will counteract the process of toxin elimination/detoxification the massage gives. Oils such as Clary Sage can increase the effects of feeling drunk.
  • You may be given advice on oils you should you at home and how to use them 


In the future I am looking to offer bespoke oil make ups available to purchase at your appointment, please let me know if you are interested in this


An aftercare email will be sent to you automatically after your appointment as a reminder. 

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