What is Holistic Facial Massage?

Its a unique facial massage that includes the following steps using all natural products specifically tailored to you and your needs:


1. Cleansing of the skin 


2. Exfoliation of the skin - This gets rid all of those dead skin cells that are leaving your skin looking dull and tired. This is made fresh during your appointment.


3. Toning of the skin 


4. Facial Massage including neck and shoulders - This is the really fantastic bit! Effleurage (Massage technique) is used to lift and tone the skin, and increase circulation giving you that fresh glow. 

The muscles are massaged to really relax the face and remove all the built up stress in it (You will be suprised how much stress is stored in there!) 

The lymphatic system is focused on to increase drainage and remove waste. 

Acupressure points are pressed on to reduce any pain and tension.


5. Facial Mask - Made from scratch during your appointment specifically for you containing what your skin really needs


6. Scalp massage - Get ready to fall asleep here!


7. Moisturising - A finishing protective barrier that adds to that smooth as a baby feel 


Warm towel wraps and facial pads are used between these stages. 


It is an incredibly soothing treatment leaving you and your skin feeling really wonderful afterwards.


It is important to note regular treatments are advised for benefits to continue to be seen. One facial will do you the world of good but to see consistent improvement regular treatments are necessary. 

The Benefits

All of the following may be achieved through regular Holistic Facial Massage:

  • Healthy clearer skin and a fresh glow
  • Increased circulation to the muscles
  • Released tension in the facial, neck and shoulder muscles easing stress and relaxing you 
  • A more naturally toned and sculpted face
  • Improvement of skin troubles 
  • Improved circulation 
  • Feeling less stressed 
  • Anti ageing results
  • Reduced facial and jaw pains 
  • Reduced puffy eyes and eye strain 
  • Reduction of headaches 
  • Improved sinus congestion 
  • Relaxed fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Smoother and softer skin 

Your Appointment

Your first appointment will include an in depth consultation so that your medical history, lifestyle, skin concerns and needs can be understood.


There is an allowance of 15 minutes within your appointment for your consultation. The treatment itself will then last for 1 hour.


For hygiene reasons you must wear socks to and from your appointment.

After Care

Your therapist will give you after care advice after every treatment, it will always include:

  1. Drinking more water - this helps flush toxins through the body 
  2.  Try to take life a bit easier for the next 24 hours, be kind to yourself. 

The following types of advice may be provided to you during your Facial Massage: 

  1.  Avoid touching the skin excessively
  2.  Avoid exposure to UV 
  3. Avoid immediate application of make-up
  4. Advice on an appropriate skin care regime at home including the importance of SPF use. 
  5. Advice on how diet, smoking, alcohol, central heating, air conditioning, stress, sleep, exercise, and fresh air can affect the skin.

An aftercare email will be sent to you automatically after your appointment as a reminder. 

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