What is AromaReflex?

I am both a Qualified Reflexologist and Aromatherapist, seeing the wonderful benefits of both treatments separately every day, I came to the conclusion I just HAD to combine them to really enhance your experience! That's why I now offer "AromaReflex"


AromaReflex is your standard Reflexology treatment beautifully enhanced with Aromatherapy. 





I explain Reflexology as simply as this: Your feet and hands are mirrors of your body- all organs, bones, muscles, glands, and other parts of the body are connected to the feet. 


During the hour treatment I use my hands to apply a gentle but firm pressure on all of the points on your feet in a sequence, by stimulating these different points I am able to establish imbalances of energy within your body and unblock them.  


Imbalances of energy can effect you negatively causing physical and emotional pain. 


As with my Aromatherapy Massages at Aurello I will use Therapeutic Essential Oils chosen specifically for you and what we establish your body needs at that particular time.  Essential oils are extracted from natural plant matter such as herbs, flowers, leaves, fruit peels, resins, trees etc. usually via steam distillation creating the essential oil as we know it. 


I explain Aromatherapy as simply as this: Essential oils enter the body via skin absorption or inhalation and get to work improving things. 


During inhalation the Oils travel from the olfactory nerves (Smelling nerves) directly to your brain and especially impact the emotional centre of the brain. They then get to work helping you psychologically and emotionally.


During skin absorption the essential oils are absorbed into your circulatory system, travel through your bloodstream and reach the areas they are most needed or can do the most good.


During AromaReflex the oils are applied to your skin via the reflexology foot balm. I also place your blend into a diffuser so that you can inhale and enjoy the Aromas while you lay back and relax. 


All the Oils I use are 100% pure and I have over 45 to choose from.


The overall aim of Reflexology is to restore and rebalance the blocked areas naturally, which in turn releases tension, stress and activates the bodies natural healing system. The overall aim of Aromatherapy is much the same, the oils enter your body and work hard to do various jobs such as improving mood, reducing pain, boosting the immune system and so much more. When you combine the act of Reflexology with the powerful therapeutic actions of essential oils chosen for your needs you have a super treatment!



The recommended way to feel the full benefits when first starting out with Reflexology is to have one session each week for four weeks. You can purchase a set of four AromaReflex treatments together and this saves you £25.


It is important to note that Reflexologists/Aromatherapists cannot diagnose medical conditions and do not claim to cure. 

What are the benefits of AromaReflex?

If you are new to either Aromatherapy or Reflexology please click the links below to find out more about the benefits of each

Alternatively, if you are familiar with both its easy to imagine the powerhouse therapy this combination creates and can go ahead and book knowing just how wonderful its going to be! 

Your Appointment

The same as regular Reflexology, your first appointment will include an in depth consultation so that your medical history, concerns and needs can be understood. Lifestyle questions will be asked so that your reflexologist can get to know you, pick the correct essential oils for you and tailor your treatment effectively.


There is an allowance of 30 minutes within your first appointment for your consultation. It doesn't always take this long but it may.

The treatment itself will then last for 1 hour.


All treatments after the first one will last for 1 hour and will start with your reflexologist asking if any of your needs and concerns have changed. 


A full consultation doesn't need to be done again unless you have not had a treatment for 9+ months. 


For hygiene reasons you must wear socks to and from your appointment 

After Care

Your reflexologist will give you after care advice after every treatment, this will be individual to you and may include some hand reflexology to do between treatments! However it will always include:


1. Drinking more water - this helps flush toxins through the body 


2. Try to take life a bit easier for the next 24 hours, be kind to yourself. 


3. Keep your oils on for at least 8 hours so they can continue to do their job.


An aftercare email will be sent to you automatically after your appointment as a reminder. 

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