What is Fertility Reflexology?

Fertility Reflexology is very much the same as general reflexology but it is specifically tailored to your menstrual cycle stages, your personal situation and where you are in your fertility journey.

It is a set of four treatments spread out across four weeks. 


You have made the exciting decision to start a family but it isn't happening as quickly as you hoped. Don't beat yourself up, conceiving can take time and can be complex. 


Reflexology is a very supportive treatment to have during this time because it can:


- Deeply relax you

- Reduce stress levels

- Balance hormones

- Regulate the menstrual cycle

- Relieve anxiety and generally help you to feel calmer

- Stimulate ovulation

- Increase sperm quality and quantity

- Improve the bodies natural healing ability

- Encourage the bodies systems to function efficiently

- Improve sleep quality


Difficulties with fertility can be emotionally exhausting and extremely stressful for both involved, I recommend that both you and your partner come for treatments not just one of you.


Maybe you have started IVF or are due to start soon, I am pleased you are considering starting reflexology as it can be very supportive for you during this period of time.


Reflexology can provide the following benefits before and during IVF treatment:


-Help to prepare the uterus for embryo transfer 

- Help to support implantation 

-Increase blood circulation which can in turn enhance the effects of the medicines used in the fertility treatment.


How Many Treatments, How Often and When should I Start?

You can start your appointments at any time during your menstrual cycle. 


Men can also start at any time.


The treatment is adjusted each time dependant on which stage you are in your cycle.


Breakdown of cycle stages:


Phase 1: Menstruation - The first day of bleeding until the bleeding stops.


Phase 2: Follicular - Between bleeding and ovulation


Phase 3: Ovulation - Just before ovulation and the day of ovulation.


Phase 4: Luteal - The day after ovulation until the 1st day of bleeding.



If your cycle is irregular, thats ok, we can work out when is the right time to have each treatment together.

Your Set Of Four  Appointments

When you initially book your set of treatments you only have to pick a date for the first appointment and book that one in, from there, at each appointment we can decide together when your next one should be.


I want this experience to be as stress free as possible for you so you don't need to worry about not being certain on dates or times at the start.


Your first appointment will include an in depth consultation so that your medical history, concerns and needs can be understood. Questions about your personal circumstances surrounding fertility will be asked along with some lifestyle questions so that I can get to know and understand you.


I offer a safe, confidential space here for you where you can talk as much or as little as you like about your journey.


There is an allowance of 30 minutes within your first appointment for your consultation. 

The treatment itself will then last for 1 hour.


All treatments after the first one will last for 1 hour and will start with me asking for an update on how you have been since I last saw you. 


After Care 

You will receive after care advice after every treatment, this will be individual to you and may include some hand reflexology to do between treatments! However it will always include:


1. Drinking more water - this helps flush toxins through the body 


2. Try to take life a bit easier for the next 24 hours. Be kind to yourself, sit back with your other half and a cuppa (if thats your thing) and really try to relax as much as you can following your treatment.


An aftercare email will be sent to you automatically after your appointment as a reminder. 

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